Floyd Beer Cheese Now Sold In NYC

Floyd Beer Cheese brings a taste of Kentucky to New York

The world needs more cheesy snacks.

Enter Floyd Beer Cheese.

Jim Carden and Andy Templar have known each other since they were fourth-graders in Lexington, Kentucky. There, they took beer cheese for granted–it was served in every grandmother's kitchen, truck stop and bar.

But when a move brought them to a Brooklyn barren of beer cheese, the pals started making their own home-style take, loaded with 20-odd secret spices, and serving it at the three bars they co-own with Kevin Avanzato–Bell House, Union Hall and Floyd.

Now their beer cheese ($7 for 8 ounces), in all its savory, hoppy, sharp-cheddar-packed glory, can find its way home with you. Once you carry a tub across your threshold, anything becomes a vehicle to get the Original, Spicy Jalapeño or Smoky Bacon varieties into your mouth. Crackers, pretzels, celery, carrots–even bare fingers–are all fair game.

Come grilling season, we'll be loading the center of our burgers with the spread for a cheesy-centered surprise.

Find Floyd Beer Cheese at Smorgasburg and these retailers.