Ada St. Offers An Extensive Cocktail Menu

Ada St. triples its cocktail list

Be prepared to start your next meal at Ada St. lost in thought.

It takes measured concentration to read though the restaurant's ambitious new cocktail menu, a collaborative effort from Ada's bartenders that features over 40 drinks.

Start with an Oye Como Va ($12), listed under the "celebratory libations" header. A cross between a Mimosa and a Margarita, it's made with tequila, cava, bitters and lime. It's a logical pairing for a standout salad, chef Zoe Schor's roasted-carrot-and-avocado panzanella ($8), drizzled with crème fraîche and cumin-scented vinaigrette.

The Bloody Mary packs a savory wallop, with roasted-pepper-infused vodka, mezcal and a shake of Worcestershire and fish sauces ($12). The Bramble On falls on the gentler, springier end of the spectrum, with raspberry preserves, Broker's Gin, lemon and mint ($10).

Port lends a purple hue to Rittenhouse Rye in the frothy and fresh Bloodbuzz Ohio ($9). Our go-to for the duration of spring, however, is from the classic camp: a Pimm's Cup, here made with grapefruit and honey ($9).

Pair it with artichoke barigoule, with smoky nubs of bacon, savory broth and olive-oil-toasted bread ($10), a blend of winter and spring in a bowl.