EsproPress Coffee Press For A Great Cup Of Coffee

A new coffee press for a cleaner cup of joe

The French press is elegant and easy, but it has never made us the perfect pot of coffee.

Cup numbers one and two are fine, but by three and four, we're getting muddy mouthfuls of grit with every sip.

Enter the EsproPress ($80 for the small; $120 for the large), which improves on the iconic French model with a unique double-filter technology.

Instead of the standard single-layer mesh plunger, the EsproPress has a double-filter chamber, which forces liquid in through the sides and out through the top, catching any and all coffee grinds in the process. The chamber also prevents coffee from over-steeping.

The pitcher's steel body retains heat better than the glass French presses we've used in the past, and kept our coffee warm for upwards of an hour. And like the classic model, it's an ideal way to bring out the bright nuances of a particular roast, far better than an automatic drip machine.

Now you can quit the grit.