Join The GOOD Community And Host A Neighborday

Join GOOD and host a Neighborday celebration this April

When is the last time you borrowed a cup of flour from your neighbors or delivered a plate of warm cookies to their door?

It has probably been a while–if ever. To remedy that, Tasting Table has joined forces with the GOOD community to help celebrate Neighborday, which takes place on April 27. For the occasion, the GOOD community is hosting gatherings big and small around the world, encouraging neighbors to come together for food and friendship.

Sign up to host your own Neighborday, then follow Tasting Table's blueprint for the best potluck ever. The nine crowd-friendly Tasting Table recipes–including sloppy Joes, fig-and-blue-cheese bites, pork ribs with mole glaze, chocolate bark and a showstopping vanilla-malt tart–ensure a most tasteful, family-style gathering. Share the recipes with all of your neighbors near and far, then come together and break bread.

What a delicious way to build community.