Orleans Bitter Adds A Kick To Routine Cocktails

With Orleans Bitter, the Negroni can go local

Eden Ice Cider Company's brand-new Orleans Bitter ($35 for 750 ml) is just the kick in the pants our drinking routine needed.

The Negroni has had us locked under its bitter spell and rigid Campari-gin-vermouth recipe for too long.

Orleans Bitter means we can swap that ubiquitous Italian crimson aperitif for one with a more local pedigree.

Albert and Eleanor Leger of Eden Ice Cider Company use the long winters of West Charleston, Vermont, to their advantage. To make Orleans Bitter they take their original product, Orleans, an ultra-dry, apple ice-cider-based aperitif that is left to freeze and ferment outside, and infuse it with red currant for a glowing ruby tint. A blend of dandelion, gentian and angelica bitters made by fellow Vermonters Urban Moonshine adds an acerbic bite.

Orleans Bitter is splendid on its own or with soda, but for a complete local cocktail experience, we recommend pairing it with Greenhook Ginsmiths' or New York Distilling Co.'s gins and Atsby Vermouth.

Find Orleans Bitter for sale at Astor Wines & Spirits and Vintry Fine Wines. Find it at the bar at The Dutch and Hearth.