The Punchbowl Brings Delicious Juices To Los Feliz

Los Feliz's The Punchbowl puts a refreshing spin on the juice bar

The story behind The Punchbowl, Los Feliz's newest juice bar, is worthy of a Hollywood meet-cute.

Owners Jonathon Wright and Christiana Solano met while Wright was working at New York juice bar One Lucky Duck; eventually, the pair moved to California to launch their dream.

But that fortuitous meeting is not all that sets the duo's beverages apart from those of L.A.'s numerous juice bars.

Wright and Solano emphasize deliciousness and balance in their drinks. Using only raw, organic and vegan ingredients, The Punchbowl crafts culinary-minded smoothies such as the Green Mary ($9), made with kale, avocado, cilantro and jalapeño.

For the Power Mint ($11), Wright makes his own mint-flavored cashew cream, then blends it with cacao nibs and E3 Live, a brain-boosting algae, producing a clever spin on a soda-shop staple.

Rotating daily juices blends ($8 to $10) made with dandelion greens, grapefruit or fennel are cold-pressed into 16-ounce bottles, then decorated with labels that Solano illustrates by hand. Wright also plans to debut a menu of raw salads in the coming months. If they're as addicting as the juices we tried, we'll be thrilled to eat our veggies.