IfOnly And Tastemade Are The Hottest Culinary Websites

Two new ways of looking at food: IfOnly.com and Tastemade

The web can be a scary place, full of blog commenters and endless talking cat pictures. But it can also be a place of innovation. Here, your gateway to the latest in food ideas online.

IfOnly.com: They say that the best gifts are experiential. This new e-commerce site is proving that point, and helping others in the process. Browse through dozens of culinary-focused offerings (like hitting the farmers' market and having lunch with Alice Waters, or hosting a private cocktail party for your friends with David Wondrich); the proceeds go to the featured personality's charity of choice.

Tastemade: This new website and YouTube channel is focused on gathering the best of the web's food film in one place. Some of the content is from the group's partners (vetted content producers like The Perennial Plate), while some of it is filmed in the Tastemade studio in California. After watching a video about an ice cream sandwich milk shake, we can't wait to see what they do next.