Rogue Creamery Blue Heaven Cheese Powder Is A Winner

A wild new blue cheese powder from Rogue Creamery

One of the country's best cheeses is letting its hair down.

Normally relegated to expensive cheese plates and elegant cocktail spreads, the renowned blue cheese produced at Oregon's Rogue Creamery is now available in a new, more accessible form: powdered.

To make the Blue Heaven powder ($10 for 3 ounces), navy-veined curds are dehydrated and pulverized, resulting in a feathery, flavorful dust that resembles the stuff you'd find coating Cheetos.

Rogue's cheese is known for its creamy texture and robust, earthy taste. Dehydrated, these milky, dank flavors are amplified, delivering a powerful punch to the taste buds.

We suggest you dust the powder over hot fried chicken wings and set out some cold beers, or toss it with popcorn for a glorified movie snack. The powder also works wonders on a basic baked potato. It's a black-tie taste dressed down in jeans.