Khong River House Wine Pairings - Miami

Wine pairings for your next meal at Khong River House

Ed. Note: Allegra Angelo is no longer beverage director at 50 Eggs. Director of Operations Peter Lopez is now managing the wine program.

The wine list at Khong River House is ambitious and creative, with a passionate curator to match, but the wine program has gone mostly unexplored in the buzz about the new restaurant.

Allegra Angelo, beverage director for 50 Eggs restaurants, sought wines beyond Riesling and Pinot Noir, the typical pairings for spice-charged Thai food. The Khong wine menu includes sections like "Curious Whites for Khong and the Element of Surprise."

Angelo was inspired to add unexpected wines by a meal at Yakko-San, the North Miami izakaya: "They serve great Japanese dishes there, but then they also throw in something like a pasta and do it really well." Angelo shared some of her favorite pairings at Khong River House:

2008 Bonny Doon Le Cigare Blanc ($58 for 750 ml) This Rhône-style white starts fruity, with a dry finish, acting as a buffer to salty, intensely spiced dishes like Chiang Rai sausage ($14).

2011 Vigneti Massa FUSO ($38 for 750 ml) The earthy Barbera is bold enough to cut the richness of the grilled giant prawn (market price).

Jean-Paul Brun FRV 100 ($13 per glass; $42 for 750 ml) "Fizz is always a palate cleanser," Angelo says, and this sparkling Gamay particularly complements dishes that smolder. Try it with chile-flecked green papaya salad ($11).