Vacation With AirBnB Homes With A Kitchen Theme

Vacation homes with dream kitchens

Among our favorite things to do while on vacation is browse through a city's markets, wineshops, cookbook stores and bakeries.

Sadly, it's a look-but-don't touch proposition: We walk away empty-handed, knowing that we have no way to cook all of our delicious finds in our hotel room.

Enter Airbnb: The company that connects travelers with individuals who have rentable space has recently launched a kitchen-themed collection of homes and apartments.

On your next visit to New Orleans, consider staying in a retrofitted 1918 gas station ($400 a night), the kitchen of which has a wine fridge, a Wolf oven range and plenty of space to host friends for a cocktail hour.

Or shack up in a penthouse loft in New York ($435 a night) that boasts two giant communal tables and industrial kitchen tools–in other words, everything you need to throw a successful dinner party. 

For a desert escape, book this modern Palm Springs home ($795 a night). With floor-to-ceiling glass doors that lead out to the backyard and pool, it's the perfect spot for a weekend of warm-weather grill-outs.

Our farmers' market haul just got much bigger.