Tyrells Chips Crunch With Satisfaction From England

What we're snacking on now

We may not understand certain English food vernacular: calling cookies "biscuits," for instance. But we can agree on their word for Tyrrells Potato Chips: delicious.

The new line of chips is produced in Herefordshire, an area just northwest of London with a reputation for growing high-quality potatoes. The chips are made from two different varieties: the red-skinned Lady Rosetta and the light brown Lady Claire, grown within 12 miles where they are cooked.

Smaller in diameter than a standard American chip, the thick cut offers a satisfying crunch. But since nothing can ruin a perfectly good chip faster than a coating of odd-tasting powder, we were pleased to discover that Tyrrells' flavors are just as thoughtfully considered as the chip itself.

The Worcestershire Sauce & Sundried Tomato variety is a salty, tangy and slightly sweet snack with a light touch of cayenne heat.

And the straightforward Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar tastes straight out of the classic English chip shop. Take our cue and use them to top your next tuna melt.

Even the chips that stray from tradition offer rewards: a vegetable mix of Beetroot, Parsnip & Carrot Chips is dressed with nothing more than salt, for a clean, earthy, health-conscious option.