Japan-Based Royce' Chocolates Woo And Seduce In Midtown East | Tasting Table NYC

Introducing Royce' chocolates

Royce' chocolates are so good that when Ken Romaniszyn would carry a box to his girlfriend in the Philippines, he was always unsure, he says, "whether she was happier to see the chocolate or me."

If your Valentine's Day wooing plans don't involve international chocolate trafficking, have no fear: Romaniszyn (the man behind Lady M Confections' and Royce's American partner) has just set up Royce's first Stateside shop, in Midtown East.

The Japan-based company's elegantly minimal, signature Nama chocolates ($18 for a box of 20) are made with fresh cream from the Hokkaido prefecture. The lush rectangles, in flavors such as green tea, Champagne, bitter dark and white chocolate, are truffle-soft from edge to edge–with absolutely no pesky chocolate shell to get in the way.

Due to the chocolate's buttery propensity to melt in the heat (or on your tongue), each box is wrapped in an insulating sleeve with an ice pack, before being bagged and tied with a ribbon.

Consider a one-for-me, one-for-you Valentine's Day scheme: Throughout February, Royce' is offering a "buy two Nama boxes, get one free" deal.

Royce', 509 Madison Ave. (at E. 53rd St.); 646-590-0650 or royceconfectusa.com