Brys + Edgewood Kits Makes Fondant Cake In Your Home

Brys + Edgewood takes the scare out of fondant cakes

We pride ourselves on our kitchen-daring mettle, but we're the first to admit cowardice when it comes to fondant.

Leave it to a few young entrepreneurs to exhibit bravery in the face of the smooth, icing-like substance that turns cakes into works of art.

Brys + Edgewood, a Detroit-based company devoted to DIY fondant cake kits, is the brainchild of Jessica Malouf, Stefan Ahee and his brother Andre Ahee.

Each kit ($38 to $48) comes with cake mix, buttercream frosting, disposable bakeware, and fondant in the colors necessary to make the designated design (right now there are about 10 options to choose from). In contrast to most fondant, which tastes like plastic and is available only in large quantity, B+E kits portion out small tubs of high-end stuff.

The kits also contain precise instructions, including illustrations, created by the founders after lots of testing. "We don't have professional baking backgrounds, so we were approaching the kits like our consumers do," says Stefan.

We took a stab at the Líneas pattern: Our cake looked just as advertised and elicited impressed comments from friends at the dinner table.  

Next time we'll consider enhancing the cake batter, which tasted too much like standard boxed cake mix to match its gorgeous exterior.

Brys + Edgewood has offered Tasting Table members a 10 percent discount on all kits purchased through Mon., 1/28. Use the code VDAY10 at checkout.