White Wine 2011 Miotto ProFondo Prosecco | NoHo, NYC

The perfect sparkler to drink all 2013 long

We thought we knew everything about Prosecco. 

Then we tried the 2011 Miotto "ProFondo" Prosecco ($14 for 750 ml), a fascinating example of an exciting new category of Prosecco called col fondo.

This fresh bottle revives an extremely traditional style of Prosecco that has turned our understanding of the region's wines upside down.

Unlike the vast majority of Prosecco produced since the 1970s, all fermented in giant pressured tanks, the col fondo method (meaning "with sediment") involves aging the wine on the lees, then re-fermenting it in the bottle with the yeast deposit intact. 

The result is a pale, unfiltered, cloudy Prosecco: It's like reading a chapter about the region's forgotten past.

When serving this style of Prosecco, it is common to decant the wine to let the sediment sink to the bottom. But for lovers of the yeasty breed of fizz that has made pétillant-naturel wines so popular lately, we suggest drinking the "ProFondo" cloudy.

Better yet, because the wine is priced so affordably–and goes down so easily–why not buy two bottles and try both ways?

Available at Astor Wines & Spirits, 399 Lafayette St. (at E. Fourth St.); 212-674-7500 or astorwines.com