Broken Shaker's Local Citrus Cocktails | Miami, Florida

A bar we don't want to fix

Bartenders and drinkers: Now is the time to start thinking about Miami.

Thanks to Gabe Orta and Elad Zvi of the Broken Shaker, which just reopened at the new Freehand hotel, we're seeing this city for its full drinking potential.

For starters, consider the ingredients. In an age where sourcing locally has become an expectation, bars have been flummoxed by one key component: citrus. For many, it will always be an import.

But Orta and Zvi are taking full advantage of Miami's temperate climate, planting citrus trees and herb gardens on the hotel property. Produce that they don't grow themselves, such as melons, pineapple and papaya, is procured from local farms. Many of the pair's drinks, such as the Agave Fairy (see the recipe), showcase this enviable access.

But the bar is far from preachy, characterizing the Magic City's freewheeling vibe. "Nothing is off-limits," said Orta, who has a penchant for experimentation. Many drinks are punctuated with house-made vinegars, in flavors like juniper and even seaweed. And a rotating Old-Fashioned is a playful canvas: One week it was made with Cocoa Puffs-infused whiskey; another week, Reese's Pieces were the secret ingredient.

Happy hour is headed south for the winter.