Wine That Won't Hurt Your Wallet From

Serious discounts for top-notch wine

We've seen price gouging occur across all levels of the food world, but wine might trump all. In our experience, it is frequently the category that receives the most outrageous markups.

Until now, we've resigned ourselves to forking over the cash. But that's changed with the arrival of to American soil.

Made popular in the U.K., the site seeks to reinvent the way wine is priced by cutting out the middleman.

Customers of (called investors) pay $40 a month for membership. The company uses these funds to hire winemakers to produce juice exclusively for the site; these bottles are then available for sale to members at a 40 to 60 percent discount of what they would cost if sold at retail.

Thus far, 25 California winemakers are onboard, including Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon and Robin Langton, formerly of Patz and Hall.

The prices are seriously low, and the $40 monthly fee is credited to your account so you can put it towards your purchases. 

We're all for drinking in the buff.