Doughnuttery's Pint-Sized Doughnuts - NYC

The Doughnuttery makes pint-sized doughnuts

No doubt you are being bombarded with diet ideas for 2013.

We'd like to add our own diet plan to the fray: mini doughnuts.

Find the peewee-size treats at the new Doughnuttery in Chelsea Market.

The brains behind the venture are Evan Feldman and pastry chef Katie Rosenhouse. Feldman left the world of finance to follow the siren song of running his own food business.

Fried-to-order in trans fat-free shortening, the cake doughnuts ($6 for a half dozen, $10 for one dozen) lazily bob, turn and dip in the oil, emerging golden brown.

After frying, the doughnuts are sent on a rainbow trip through flavored sugars: Paristime uses lavender; Cacaoboy is made with cacao nibs, mesquite and black sugar; and Cherrypop pairs sour cherry with ancho chile. Open the bag and the hot steam and sugar smell hits. They are as light on the tongue as they are cute.

The sugars are fun, but we keep going back to such country-fair classics as cinnamon sugar, glazed and powdered.

A caveat to that TT NYC diet plan: We cannot be held responsible for the number of doughnuts you eat.

The Doughnuttery, Chelsea Market, 425 W. 15th St. (between Ninth and Tenth aves.);