Coffee Has Learns Some New Moves With These Brews

What's coming next in the world of coffee

We've been relying on the Italians to inform our coffee routine for years.

But this year, we're predicting a more diverse morning lineup than our stalwart cappuccino, thanks to a handful of exciting new imports that are making their way stateside.

From Tokyo, there's the Dirty, in which a shot of hot espresso is suspended between two layers of cold milk, served in a mason jar. The sharp coffee flavor cuts the rich dairy for a dreamy composition of varying textures, temperatures and taste. A signature of Tokyo's cult-favorite coffee shop, Bear Pond Espresso, the Dirty made its American debut when Bear Pond owner Katsuyuki Tanaka showcased it at Joe The Art of Coffee while visiting New York earlier this year.

Or take your cue from the land Down Under and seek out an Aussie specialty: the Flat White, a cappuccino-sized drink with a latte's amount of foam. We've spotted them on menus in New York, Los Angeles and Raleigh, North Carolina.

And for the next phase of globally inspired coffee, we're taking our cues from Hanoi's Café Duy Tri, where thick sweetened yogurt (think Greek-style) is mixed into iced coffee instead of traditional condensed milk. We're hoping that our favorite barista will soon follow suit.