Cardamom Macaroons - 12 Days Of Cookies

Hedy Goldsmith's cardamom-laced recipe

This is the third in our monthlong series, 12 Days of Cookies, featuring classic and inventive recipes from across the country.

In our experience, macaroons are all too often gobs of syrupy sweetness. We nevertheless found ourselves reaching for Hedy Goldsmith's macaroons again and again (see the recipe).

Goldsmith recasts the traditional coconut macaroon with candied ginger and cardamom, adding depth of flavor and tempering the cookies' sweetness. A lightly toasted exterior gives way to a chewy, shredded coconut center. "My family is not Sephardic, but I gravitate to Middle Eastern flavors," says Goldsmith. "I love pairing assertive spices with something familiar, like coconut, which is the essence of the holidays for me."

Salt is also an essential ingredient: "So many recipes for sweets don't include enough salt. Salt refreshes the palate."

You do not even have to break out the stand mixer for this supremely easy recipe. One warning: These will go fast, so make sure to bake plenty.

This recipe is a Tasting Table exclusive, but Hedy Goldsmith's new cookbook, Baking Out Loud: Fun Desserts with Big Flavors, includes recipes for other desserts with bold spices, including fortune cookies dotted with mustard seeds.

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