Coffee Syrup Should Be Your New Obsession

Coffee meets milk, tastes damn delicious

People tend to overlook little Rhode Island, but here are two reasons why you shouldn't.  

It has the coolest state drink ever: coffee milk. And now, thanks to Dave's Coffee Syrup, you can make Rhody's signature beverage no matter where you are.

Made from only two ingredients, the syrup ($11) is a dead simple, brilliant concoction. Cold-brewed coffee is boiled down with cane sugar until it pools into thick molasses-like ribbons. The result is a jolt of deeply concentrated coffee flavor (the company makes a vanilla version as well).

And it's almost infinitely versatile: Stirring it into milk is the obvious move, but the syrup is an inspiring stand-in for honey or other sweeteners in baked goods.

Improve ice cream with a drizzle of the vanilla syrup and a handful of crunchy cacao nibs. Or go savory and roast root vegetables with the coffee syrup and black pepper.

Not only is this a workhorse of an ingredient, pinch-hitting in almost every kind of dish we could think of, from pastry to barbecue sauce, but it's also perfect on its own.

And yes, we'll admit to licking it straight from the spoon.