Vermouth Is In Vogue From These Boutique Distillers

Vermouth is a particularly heavy part of our rotation during the winter months. The fortified wine, aromatized with a rich sachet of herbs and spices, brings warmth and depth to any cocktail, especially a classic Manhattan. This year, thanks to the innovative cunning of boutique distillers, the breadth of available vermouth has increased dramatically.

Uncouth Vermouth ($38 for 500 ml): This new Brooklyn-based line takes vermouth to avant-garde extremes with its Serrano Lavender bottlings. We prefer the sweet, autumnal Pear-Ginger, which sings alongside a spicy rye.

Imbue Petal & Thorn Vermouth ($27 for 750 ml): Stained ruby red from beets and kissed with notes of orange, chamomile and gentian, this Oregon vermouth is like nothing else we've had. Reminiscent of Campari, the bittersweet elixir takes the Negroni in an exciting new direction.

Ransom Dry Vermouth: From Tad Seestadt, maker of Ransom Old Tom gin, comes this new white vermouth (currently only available in Oregon), made with 16 botanicals. Its assertively herbaceous flavor makes it strong enough to stand up on its own, but it also creates a deliciously floral Martini.