Greenbar Collective's Organic White Whiskey - L.A.

Organic white whiskey from Green Bar Collective

Greenbar Collective's move from Monrovia to Downtown earlier this year was a notable one.

Setting up shop by the river, on 8th Street, made Greenbar the first legal distillery in Los Angeles since prohibition.

Now, the first new product from the distillery's L.A. home is available: Slow Hand white whiskey ($32 for 750 ml).

We heard a clerk at a certain high-end liquor store call Slow Hand the best white dog he's ever had, a statement equally sincere and ironic. See, unaged whiskey is like a promise of future returns, a rough outline of what a few years resting in charred new American oak barrels could yield. Slow Hand, distilled from a unique, all-organic mash bill comprising oats, barely and spelt, is different. More in the spirit of white rum or tequila blanco, it's intended for drinking young.

Sipped neat, the whiskey has a fiery edge, but when mixed into a cocktail, it shines. We've been stirring it over ice with some Cocchi Americano and a few dashes of Miracle Mile Yuzu bitters, and serving it up with a strip of lemon peel–a Manhattan Transplant, if you will.

It's a cocktail that loves the Southern California weather.

Slow Hand is available at Bar Keeper, K&L Wines, Wally's and Monsieur Marcel.