Apinya's Locally Made Thai Chili Sauce - D.C.

Apinya gives chile sauce a local spin

Prepare to take Thai takeout to a new level.

Weeks-old D.C. company Apinya has just debuted a locally made Thai chile sauce ($6.50 for 7 ounces) that tastes like the lost ingredient in classic Thai dishes and, in truth, anything else that needs a punch of spice.

Founder Adam Ross decided to launch the company after tasting his wife's deeply spiced homemade dip one night. Inspired to share her masterpiece, Ross set to work testing heat levels and consistencies.

After 68 batches over eight months, Ross finally found his saucy ideal, a buxom wallop of roasted red peppers, fresh Thai chiles, ginger and garlic that trails into a pleasant peppery finish.

We recommend first tasting the sauce on a spoon to suss out its different flavors. From there, start spooning it over seafood, into soup, onto pizza or any other way you devise. The company even recommends adding it to beer for an Apinyelada.

Ross, who co-owns a creative design studio, also created the playful octopus logo. Just don't be deceived: This chile sauce packs seriously good spice.

Available at Smucker Farms, 2118 14th St. NW (at W St.); online starting Wednesday at apinya.co