The Best Cocktails From Small Cities

A year's worth of good drinking

It's easy to mock the cocktail movement.

But accusing it of being just a trend, though once a common dig, is becoming impossible.

Craft cocktails are here to stay, with an even greater number of bars putting out better drinks than ever before. 

That statement is self-evident in drink destinations like New York and San Francisco, thanks to a longstanding commitment to stellar drinks. (Our local editions have profiled the most recent standouts.)

But does it hold true in smaller cities?

We're happy to report it does. In culling our national list of Best Cocktails this year, we sipped happily from Boise to Detroit. See our list here for details on the drinks and the people behind them. You'll also find the recipes for all ten cocktails, from a cheeky Texan take on a mule to milk punch that channels a ballet rather than a coma.

Who's the joke on now?