TNT Bar Rock-Themed Bar - D.C.

TNT Bar brings together the best and brightest bartenders

Todd Thrasher has friends in high-tippling places.

When the cocktail guru behind Restaurant Eve and Px set out to open TNT, a rock-themed bar behind the new Eamonn's, Thrasher reached out to friends across the country for contributions.

The resulting menu combines Thrasher's own creative combinations with cocktails from some of bartending's top talents. Curly and the Turk ($11), courtesy of Tad Carducci at Manhattan's The Tippler, is a spicy-floral blend of gin, Blue CuraƧao and chile-hibiscus syrup, with a dash of warm Bitter End Moroccan bitters.

Smoke and spice give claws to the Pink Shadow Cat ($12), from Greg Best at Atlanta's Holeman & Finch Public House. The mezcal cocktail combines ginger brandy, lemon juice and black pepper, with a dash of Peychaud's Bitters. Others come from Chicago's The Aviary, Manhattan's PDT and The Varnish in Los Angeles.

Mix the visiting sips with some of Thrasher's own innovations, like the autumnal Oh I Actually Like Coldplay ($10), a drinkable orchard of Applejack, herbaceous Yellow Chartreuse, cider, and a nip of celery bitters to balance the sweet fruit.

It's a sipping trip around the country.

TNT Bar, 2413 Columbia Pike, Arlington; 703-920-0315 or