Headquarters Beercade's Great Selection - Chicago

Craft beers and cocktails at Headquarters Beercade

What's the latest in high-low? Craft beers and clever cocktails paired with vintage video games.

Lakeview's new Headquarters Beercade has nearly three dozen vintage arcade games from the 1970s, '80s and '90s, and as many craft beers. There are dangerously drinkable cocktails, too, crafted by local consultants Pour Souls, who also run the program at Old Town Social and Nellcôte.

Other perks: There's house-made beef jerky ($9), and the video games are free. So as to reserve your focus for more important things (e.g. Frogger), we've paired a handful of quaffs with appropriate games.

Drink: The Billy Mitchell ($9), a refreshing gin and soda amplified by lime juice, Fever Tree lemon soda and a touch of Malört. It's named for the first person to achieve a perfect Pac-Man score. 

Game: Sip along with Ms. Pac-Man.

Drink: Stillwater Kopstootje ($10), a saison-style ale from one of America's best-known gypsy brewers. The brew is spiced with botanicals designed to pair with a side of genever ("kopstootje" refers to drinking genever with beer), but it made us long for a burger.

Game: Burger Time, of course.

Drink: Bridgeport Kingpin ($8), a strong, gutsy and bitter triple-hopped red ale from Oregon.

Game: Something feisty, like Vindicators or Street Fighter II.

Headquarters Beercade, 950 W. Wolfram St.; hqbeercade.com