Cooking Gear For Korean Flavors

What you need to master Korean cuisine

It's true that you can "cook" with nothing more than a stick and a fire.

But there is special satisfaction in mastering a piece of cooking equipment, whether its knowing just how much to flick our wrist when making an omelet in a trusted skillet, or pushing our waffle iron to the max.

Since we've turned our focus to Korean flavors this month, our Test Kitchen counters have been overtaken by a new set of gear. From an electric grill that puts a perfect sear on kalbi short ribs to a stone pot that'll turn out the best bibimbap, we've rounded up our Korean cooking essentials (see the interactive kitchen map) to help you outfit your own kitchen.

Don't fret: We're not proposing a go-broke shopping spree; nor are we suggesting that you buy some appliance that you'll never use (we're looking at you, kimchi fridge). In fact, you probably already have several items on the list. For those pieces that might be new to you, we assure you that their applications are many and diverse.

Leave the stick at the campsite and come into the kitchen.