Loose Leaf Tea In Excellent Flavors From Luhse Tea | Tastin Table

Not the show, the tea

It's hard to establish a routine when you're picking up and moving to a different city each year.

For Mindy Ferris and her daughter, Brittney Wholihan, a sense of continuity came from tea.

Last year, the pair launched Luhse, a line of loose tea ($5 to $8 for 2 ounces) inspired by years of learning about the tea traditions and offerings of other cultures. Ferris's husband made his career in the army, and the family lived in four different countries and moved 25 times. With each new city, the mother and daughter discovered a new type of tea.

Now the pair is peddling more than 20 types of pristine teas on their website. The kinds range from the cheekily named Nice Coconuts–a delicate white tea laced with dried coconut flakes–to the rolled and fermented Pu-erh option called Tuo Cha.

All loose-leaf and packed in airtight bags, the tea is incredibly fresh. But our favorite part might be the calibration of steeping times. With instructions for one minute to 90-second steeps (with amazing results, we might add), we're starting to think we'd been oversteeping our tea for years.

It pays to be multicultural.