North Fork In The Fall - Itinerary Included

The North Fork: your autumn playground

All we hear during the summer is "Hamptons, Hamptons, Hamptons."

So now that fall has scooted in, we'd like to replace that tired refrain with "North Fork."

With that crucial "r" in September, oyster season begins on the North Fork, and the already sleepier northern half of Long Island shines with its triple-threat of viticulture, aquaculture and agriculture.

Use the village of Greenport as a base to explore the East End, where bikeable roads are dabbled with farm stands; KK's The Farm is a favorite of local chefs, including Tom Colicchio, who has a house in the area. Wander copious award-winning wineries and restaurants capitalizing on the area's deep-water veins of seafood. (Click here to see the full itinerary–with photos!)

Our food-lover's trip will usher you toward outstanding sandwiches from a James Beard-nominated chef, awe-inspiring fried chicken, local brews (of both the suds and caffeine varieties) and quiet rocky beaches.

Follow our excursion, and come next summer, who knows, you might even be saying, "Hamptons, what Hamptons?"