Ann Arbor Foodie Weekend Getaway

Spend the weekend eating through Ann Arbor

We consider a pilgrimage to Zingerman's reason enough for a trip to Ann Arbor.

The fabled deli is but one of many sources of edible enticement in Southeastern Michigan's bustling college town.

On a recent fall weekend, we sampled excellent seafood and meat from a tiny smokehouse, feasted on Cuban street food, and devoured spot-on Neapolitan-style pizza. We clinked glasses at two new cocktail boîtes, each with a drink list as creative and clever as any in Chicago (click here to see the full itinerary–with photos!).

There are ample ways to spend the day. Visit the year-round Saturday farmers' market for produce, baked goods and locally made products, like unusually spiced sauerkraut and kimchi from The Brinery. Allot at least an hour to browse the shelves at Zingerman's Delicatessen, and leave room for overstuffed sandwiches on the bakery's superlative bread (we're partial to Jen's Pimento Parti, packed with the deli's famed pimento cheese).

Ann Arbor is heavy on the expected collegiate charms: bookstores, coffee shops and two small, classic theaters showing indie flicks. And, it being fall, there's always football; a few home games are left in the University of Michigan season.

Time to hit the road.