Clarke Court's Rum Available In Miami

Clarke's Court rum is now available in Miami

Clarke's Court is the most well-known spirit from the Caribbean country of Grenada.

Now, some of the distinctive rums from the 75-year-old distillery are finally available in Miami.

Superior Light ($20 for 750 ml) is an elegant and smooth rum, but also drier than some of the more familiar brands. Try it in a brightly flavored Sorrel Punch. Importer Julian Gates hopes to bring Clarke's Court sorrel-flavored rum to Miami early next year.

Old Grog aged dark rum surprises with banana notes, along with a finish of vanilla and flan ($20 for 750 ml). Gates says hints of nutmeg and vanilla are used in the production of Old Grog (Grenada is one of the largest exporters of nutmeg). The rum is aged five years in old bourbon barrels.

It's a more flavorful and bracing distillate than the Superior Light. Old Grog does justice to classic rum cocktails like a Mai Tai or a Dark and Stormy.

Buy Clarke's Court at Vintage Liquor & Wine Bar and Big Game Liquors. Or grab a seat at the bar at Yardbird for a glass of Old Grog on the rocks, garnished with a torched orange peel.

Vintage Liquor & Wine Bar, 3301 N.E. First Ave., 305-514-0307 or; Big Game Liquors, 930 SW 42nd Ave., 305-569-3040 or; Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, 1600 Lenox Ave., Miami Beach, 305-538-5220 or