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We fall for Oktoberfest's sizzling side


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We fall for Oktoberfest's sizzling side

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Though most people spring for the steins every Oktoberfest, we're partial to the kraut-topped sausages that pair so well with German lagers. A few places have us longing for more links:

Garden District: Little could force us to deviate from our favorite burger, but the Oktoberfest menu at this beer garden is worth the detour. The concise menu of grilled sausages includes an expertly charred Bavarian garlic brat with kraut ($8), and currywurst ($8), steaming slices of pork sausage in spicy curried ketchup. The sausages are all best with a pint of Hofbrau's original lager ($7), served–at least sporadically over the course of Oktoberfest–by staff clad in lederhosen and dirndls.

13th St. Meats: Though there's no storefront for this butcher, you can track down its links at several area bars. Better yet, the duo grills its half-smokes ($5) and lemon-basil chicken sausages ($5) at DC Brau on the first Saturday of each month. They'll be at the Northeast brewery this weekend, where you can pair special Oktoberfest-inspired cheddar brats ($6) with samples of the tripel-style Citizen.

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