New Beers From Denmark Come Stateside

Denmark's hottest brewers come stateside

The culinary influence of Copenhagen's food scene is painted on dishes across the States. 

The inspiration doesn't stop at the fork, though: Copenhagen is also full of trendsetting breweries, most notably the craft operation Mikkeller.

Apparently, our admiration is reciprocated. Mikkeller's latest offering was produced on American soil in partnership with the yeast-loving Anchorage Brewing Company. Equal parts cheeky Danish intellect and wild American frontier, the Invasion Farmhouse IPA ($14 for 750ml) is a powerfully funky example of collaborative diplomacy.

The beer bends genres as well as origins. Bottled with wild yeast and bacteria, it has the green-apple tartness of a saison, with incredible carbonation strength (read: open the bottle carefully). The acid and bubbles help carry a hefty dose of hops and bitterness.

Best of all, its merely the beginning of Mikkeller's long-distance relationship. The company also has three new collaborations in the works with Cabinet Artisanal Brewhouse, run by the fiendishly talented and eccentric Terry Hawbaker in Alexandria, Virginia.

The political sphere could take a lesson from these trade talks.