The Fizzary's Impressive Pop Collection San Francisco

Enough soda to supply the world's largest pizza party

"I've tasted about 300," Taylor Peck, co-owner of The Fizzary, admits, panning around his Mission store's collection of 810 sodas.

But Peck and business partner Aaron Dolson keep tasting as the days pass. And the pair aren't done; they're attempting to bring in New Zealander and Scottish brands that the two have only heard about.

With no intention of drinking 810 sodas, we asked Peck to point out his favorites:

Dublin Dr. Pepper ($2 for 8 ounces; limit one per customer): The only remaining cane-sugar version of Dr. Pepper, this soda was recently rendered extinct by a lawsuit. "A good friend found two pallets in a warehouse in Plano, Texas," Peck says.

Sparky's Root Beer ($4 for 22 ounces): Of this six-year-old producer from the Monterey area, he says, "I love its herbal profile. There's a note of wintergreen that puts it over the top."

Taylor's Tonics Chai Cola ($2 for 12 ounces): Of course, Peck's own cola gets a mention. "But I really do love it," he says. "Coca-Cola is a dynamic soda that pushes extreme notes. We do the same, only with organic ginger."

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