Reginald's Homemade Peanut Butter Good All On Its Own

A winning candidate for your lunch

It's time for peanut butter's Beyoncé moment.

After years as part of a group act, peanut butter is now ready for its solo career in the form of Reginald's ($5 to $7).

This year-old line was born from a crisis. After years of working in Richmond, Virginia's restaurant industry, founder Andrew Broocker had reached a perilous weight. Determined to regain his health, Broocker went on a strict diet and exercise regiment, ultimately losing 150 pounds. His go-to food in small quantities? Peanut butter.

Specifically, peanut butter he made himself using his mother's food processor. Produced using fresh, local Virginia peanuts, Broocker's spread is free of additives, save for a touch of peanut oil. He began peddling the stuff to local farmers' markets and soon realized his simple recipe was a hit.

We'll add our voice to the chorus: The peanut butter thrums with peanut-y flavor. Weaving between the purée's characteristic sweet, salty and rich notes, it is a perfectly balanced spread that needs no accompaniment.

Broocker has since branched out into flavored offerings as well, which are delicious, but strike us as dessert. We'll be playing the solo album.