Diablo's Michelada One-Of-A-Kind | Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Diablo's unique take on the Michelada

Another notable development in the frozen beer department, to report to those of you smitten by the idea of craft-brew-based ice pops:

The smart invention at Diablo in Silver Lake involves popsicle sticks, and it involves beer. But the alcohol remains fluid, the icy bit consisting of Mexican-spiced tomato juice paleta. Lazily stir the savory ice pop in a tall pint, the rim lined with chile and salt, and you have yourself a progressively stronger and stronger Michelada.

This unique version of the refreshing proto-beer cocktail is one of finest dishes at Diablo, the so-called urban taco fabricator that recently opened on Sunset Boulevard.

The tacos are a bit novel for our tastes, but the ice pop Micheladas strike a balance between gimmick and utility that we can get down with–especially in these dog days of summer.

The frozen bit functions as an add-on ($2), meaning you can make any beer melt into a Michelada, be it a bottle of Victoria ($5) or a glass of Scrimshaw Pilsner pulled off a tap.

And don't leave without trying a sweet ice pop too, like the chile-dusted watermelon-cucumber paleta.

Are you sensing a theme here? 

Diablo, 3129 Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake; 323-666-4666 or diablotaco.com