Eat Sweets Pastry's Sandwich Cookies To Die For | Westwood, LA

Eat sweet pastries at Eat Sweets Pastry

Here's a list of things you can eat on Gayley Avenue in Westwood: greasy grinder-like sandwiches, greasy falafel, greasy burgers and greasy Korean-Japanese food.

This, apparently, is the diet of a UCLA student.

Two months ago, Eat Sweets Pastry broke this apparent monotony, bringing Westwood a new, sugary option. The bakery serves a number of dainty tarts and the requisite cupcakes, but its best treats share a kinship with the food of the shop's Gayley neighbors: Little Debbie snack packs bear a strong influence.

Baker Megan Driscoll expertly mimics the soft bite of an oatmeal cream pie, dipping one edge of each diminutive clone in dark chocolate. These sandwich cookies are surely less sweet than their inspiration, so it is easy to eat the equivalent of a boxful.

The iced shortbread cookies ($3), exactingly decorated to look like ice cream cones or cupcakes, prove that sugar cookies can and should be treated as reverentially as cupcakes or pie. The cookies have a crumbly texture, and the frosting is wonderfully almond-scented, giving them a marzipan-like flavor.

If there's a better sugar cookie in town, we've yet to come across it.

Eat Sweets Pastry, 964 Gayley Ave., Westwood; 310-208-7659 or