Nomiku & Porthole Cooking Utensils Make Great Gifts

Two must-have tools, on preorder now

You can never start shopping too early.

Especially when it comes to two new products, both due out later this year, that promise to be game changers for both food and drink. More importantly, they may not come to fruition without your early support–both are relying on preorder sales to complete production.

For Cooks: The Nomiku is a new gadget that makes sous-vide cooking more accessible. The sleek device looks like an oversize hair curler, and at $359, is significantly more affordable than other immersion circulators on the market. Just clip the Nomiku to your water-filled pot and set the desired temperature. You'll be on your way to slow-poached eggs in no time. (Preorder the Nomiku; ships in December.)

For Drinkers: Imbibers can now have a piece of the cocktail magic at Chicago's The Aviary at home, thanks to the Porthole ($95 to $5,000; preorder here). After noticing that these custom vessels kept disappearing from tables at the bar, the team worked with designer Martin Kastner to create a version for the home bartender. Modeled after the portholes of ships, the see-through chamber allows you to watch your own bespoke infusions take shape.