Cherry-Flavored Liquor Storms Shelves

Our bar has exploded with stone fruit

Each year, liquor companies crown a single ingredient the king of product development, and the shelves fill with one-off bottles dedicated to this flavor.

Last year, it was honey–as evidenced by the release of honey-tinged booze from Jack Daniel's, Bärenjäger, Seagram's, Wild Turkey and Bushmills.

This year, the ordained ingredient is cherry.

So far, Grey Goose and Southern Comfort have released cherry versions of their products (we'll take the former over the latter). Later this year, Grand Marnier will enter the fray with a version of its cognac-based liqueur imbued with Griotte cherries.

There is a way to take part in this trend without turning your bar into a cherry orchard. We'll still be relying on trusted classics, such as Cherry Heering ($27; buy here), a brandy-based liqueur that has been in production since 1818 and hits drinks with fruit instead of sugar.

We'll also be keeping some simple yet delicious cherry syrup in our fridge (see the recipe). Add it to a flute of sparkling wine, or use it as the base of this lime and sherry cocktail (see the recipe), which will carry you from summer to fall.