Grill Better

How to break the steak monotony

Step away from the rib eye and New York strip. There's more to grilling season than mainstream steaks, as two of our go-to sources attest.

The Butcher & Larder: This Noble Square butcher shop is a gold mine for unusual cuts. For grilling, owner Rob Levitt recommends lamb shoulder blade steaks ($11 per pound). Each Thursday and Friday, he also grinds three to five varieties of "goofy sausages." Recent offerings included a New Glarus beer bratwurst studded with cheese curds, and a patty melt sausage flavored with caramelized onions, Swiss cheese and caraway ($10 per pound). When beef is a must, Levitt touts chuck eye ($10 per pound) and chuck flap steak ($10 per pound), "the poor man's New York strip."

Red Meat Market: Get organic Midwest meat delivered to your doorstep with the new online retailer for Wisconsin's Black Earth Meats. The market offers assortments of beef, lamb and pork; the company butchers whole animals and sells everything but tripe and stomachs. Order The Adventurer box ($38) for pork jowls, short ribs, liver and two pounds of a ground blend of beef, liver, kidney and tongue. Chuck eye steaks, flat irons and other alternate cuts are available by request too.