Sprinkles Ice Cream | Los Angeles

Eating ice cream (and cupcakes) in Beverly Hills

We would have been incredulous if you had told us in first grade that we would one day tire of cupcakes.

Of course, we could not predict the sweet oversaturation of the cupcake economy. Our love for ice cream, however, is immortal.

Which is why, after a few weeks of admitted avoidance, we recently found ourselves standing next to the summer-vacationing kids of Beverly Hills, waiting in line at Sprinkles Ice Cream. If the confections sold at the bakery next door have become trite, Sprinkles Ice Cream makes the same batter seem fresh. Sundaes are ice cream scooped over split cupcakes ($8.50); ice cream sandwiches are made with two rounded cupcake tops ($7).

That the ice cream ($3.50 a scoop) is not too sweet, that the flavors are both layered and playful certainly helps the cause. Bourbon accents the chocolate chip; cherries are simmered in wine before being folded into the cherry vanilla. There's even Cap'n Crunch ice cream.

An Andy Warhol quote is posted on the back wall: "Rodeo Drive is like a giant butterscotch sundae." If Sprinkles Ice Cream has its way, Santa Monica Boulevard will become an oversized scoop of Cap'n Crunch ice cream sandwiched between cupcake tops (pictured).

Sprinkles Ice Cream, 9631 S. Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills; 310-274-7890 or sprinklesicecream.com