Jojo's Sriracha Is An Artisanal Take | New York City

Move over Sriracha, JoJo's is here

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We're not sure if the word "fanatic" fully expresses Jolene Collins's dedication to Sriracha: The woman even eats the hot stuff on her vanilla ice cream.

So little wonder then that a quest to eliminate the condiment's processed ingredients drove Collins to invent her own blend, JoJo's Sriracha ($12 for 6.4 ounces), now available for purchase.

This is Sriracha put through the full-bore locally sourced, handcrafted, artisanal wringer. The sole ingredients in the squat square bottles: whole organic peppers (seeds and all), vinegar, palm sugar, garlic and sea salt.

A squeeze of the omnipresent Huy Fong Foods Sriracha always has the same stalwart flavor. JoJo's three vibrant batches (001, 002 and 003), on the other hand, reflect the natural idiosyncrasies of chile peppers.

In our kitchen this summer, JoJo's is giving the heave-ho to that other fire-engine-red condiment, ketchup. A smear balances the fat in a cheeseburger with a kick like no other.

And if you don't want to fully leave the ketchup behind, try a 50-50 ketchup-Sriracha blend.

Find JoJo's Sriracha here and at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens at the Chile Pepper Fiesta on September 29.