Quick Iced Tea From Le Palais Des Thes

A new way to get iced tea on the fly

As the temperature rises, we've seen herds of caffeine seekers move en masse toward iced coffee.

With this grazing pattern has come innovation: cold brews, coffee concentrates and liqueurs are now filling our glasses.

All this at the expense of that other chilled beverage, iced tea. Well, no more: The masterminds at French tea company Le Palais des Thés have stepped up.

The company's new XL iced-tea bags ($12.50 for six bags) are summer savers. Each palm-size muslin pouch holds a blend of herbs, spices and flowers, their flavors harnessed specifically for cold. Of the four blends, our favorite was Thé des Sources, a delicate green tea contoured with mint and bergamot.

Even the fruitiest option of the bunch, Thé des Alizes, is demure and subtle—something we can't say for most flavored iced tea. White peach offers the faintest flavors of buttery coconut and amber, and watermelon adds a refreshing crispness.

Best of all, the teas keep the impatient in mind. Whereas most cold-brew iced teas require steeping of eight to 12 hours, Le Palais des Thés bags should be steeped in room temperature water for just 30 minutes.

Time to liberate yourself from the herd.