The Orchard Fruit Store | Brooklyn, NYC

The Orchard stocks the world's best fruit

If Harry Winston sold fruit, it would aspire to be the Orchard.

Never–not from the Greenmarket, not directly from a tree and not from a plant we've grown ourselves–have we had fruit of this sparkling quality, variety and bombastic taste.

When Daniel Spitz opened his Midwood, Brooklyn, business in 1957, the area was ripe with fruit stores.

To distinguish his wares, Spitz bought the finest product he could. He forged relationships with growers and imported the best global fruit at a time when watermelon in winter was considered opulent.

Now, 55 years later, Spitz's son Mitchell drives to JFK up to four times a week to retrieve the Orchard's precious cargo.

Let the shop assistants guide you with their insights and generous samples. During a recent trip, we tasted creamy white California snowcots, donut peaches, fat blackberries, baby mangoes with a paper-thin pit and raisins still on the vine.

Mitchell Spitz spares no expense, and you'll find yourself doing the same: We racked up $30 worth of produce, which was placed in a tiny, exquisitely packed bag.

We're already planning a return trip in August for a Coney Island beachside picnic of elephant plums, raspberry figs and red-fleshed Indian peaches.

The Orchard, 1367 Coney Island Ave. (at Ave. J), Brooklyn; 718-377-1799 or