Steak Tacos, Peach Custard Pie - 6 Recipes To Make Now

Six perfect recipes to make right now

At Tasting Table, we're in the business of delivering delicious, and this month we think we've knocked it out of the park. But there's only one way you can know for sure, so get cooking.

Start by making this apricot-praline panini, just one item on the menu at William Werner's new San Francisco bakery, Craftsman and Wolves. Made with macerated fruit and slices of brioche, it's a sophisticated breakfast–or midnight snack.

Then again, maybe you're in the mood for Mexican? In that case, we've procured D.C. chef Mike Isabella's recipe for skirt steak tacos topped with avocado crema.

But if you prefer simply throwing a steak on the grill, we can suggest some accompaniments for that, too.  While you wait for the coals to turn ashy, make the Porch Swing Sipper, a refreshing libation made with muddled raspberries and gin. Serve it with brandada de bacalao, a Spanish dip containing salt cod and plenty of garlic.

Loaded fingerling potatoes, a recipe that employs an astonishing four cups of butter, are the ideal accompaniment to any grilled meat.

For the grand finale, bust out a showstopping peach-mascarpone custard pie garnished with crumbled amaretti cookies, a spectacular ode to summer if ever there was one.