Fever-Tree Artisanal Tonic Is Exceptional

Spain's favorite drink, made better

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The gin and tonic is the unofficial cocktail of Spain.

However, since the British are credited with creating the drink, it follows that they are also updating it.

With the launch of Fever-Tree Indian Tonic in 2007, London natives Tim Warrillow and Charles Rolls paved the way for well-made mixers. By using real botanicals and cane sugar, Fever-Tree found a home in pioneering bars. Since then, other smart mixers have followed.

Despite the glut, we're no less excited for Fever Tree's new releases: Mediterranean Tonic, Sparkling Lemon and Light Ginger Beer.

The Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic is exceptional. A blend of lemon thyme, rosemary, citrus and quinine derived from fever-tree bark, the tonic is lush even when diluted. For an outstanding G&T, pair it with Bruichladdich's Botanist gin. Or use it in the Celluloid Breeze cocktail (click here to see the recipe), which we snagged from Lynn House of Blackbird in Chicago.

The Sparkling Lemon is made from fresh lemons enhanced with Sicilian sfumatrice (a highly aromatic citrus oil). It would do well in a Collins or on its own.

And dismiss any skepticism about the Light Ginger Beer being a "diet" beverage. By swapping fructose for cane sugar, the sweetness supports the intensely fresh ginger flavor.

Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic (200 ml four-pack, now available in stores; soon for sale online at Amazon.com) & Fever-Tree Sparkling Lemon Tonic (200 ml four-pack, available starting July 1), $6 each; Fever-Tree Light Ginger Beer (500 ml bottle, available starting July 1), $3