610 Magnolia Combines Southern & Korean Flavors

One of New York's own leaves and returns once more

For many New Yorkers, the idea of moving to Louisville, Kentucky, would never occur.

But when dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker Edward Lee relocated there eight years ago, Lee and Louisville clicked.

Now, years later, his cooking brings the world to bourbon country at his restaurant, 610 Magnolia. One of his dishes can hold a melody of influences—from the South, from Lee's time in New York and from his Korean heritage.

Take one of our favorite dishes in his repertoire: roasted oysters. He tops the bivalves (from Rappahannock River Oysters in Virginia; click here to buy) with a rotating cast of ingredients, each a bookmark to an influence from Lee's own experience. In one iteration, country ham intermingles with kimchi—the American South shaking hands with Korea. And in a summery version, bourbon-spiked brown butter and cilantro pudding bolster oysters' elegant reputation.

Just as Lee brings the world to his table (and soon, ours), you can bring Louisville to yours with his roasted-oyster recipe (click here to see the recipe).