Hand-Held Vacuum Sealer For The Home Kitchen

Many chefs swear by their vacuum sealer, a seminal tool for cooking sous vide and a for reliable food storage.

However, thanks to its unwieldy professional-grade size, this appliance rarely shows up in home kitchens.

Now, the sleek Caso Hand-Held ($80; click here to buy), a vacuum sealer that is half the size of its peers and also cordless, offers a less cumbersome option.

The difference is like comparing an iPhone to the early mobile phones of the 1990s. The device is easy to maneuver even as it's as functional as its predecessor. Use the Caso to vacuum-seal leftovers for freezer-loving longevity without the risk of freezer burn. The Caso also performs stupendously in sealing ingredients for cooking sous vide. 

But the best function might be the simplest: This vacuum's size and mobility make it ideal for removing oxygen from opened wine bottles. Previous vacuum-sealer models did not fit the top of a wine bottle; this one removes most of a bottle's oxygen with ease.

Chefs are no longer the only ones swearing.