Orange Wine By Brooklyn Winery, Brooklyn Oenology | NYC

Brooklyn Winery and Brooklyn Oenology launch orange wines

We shoot for the wine rainbow: Reds, whites and rosés are all part of our rotation. The best part about adding orange wine to the spectrum? It's like forcing the full rainbow into one glass–a white wine made like a red with the ease of a summer's rosé.

Now you can find orange wine from New York's own backyard.

Bottled in an aw-it's-so-cute half bottle, the 2010 Brooklyn Winery Finger Lakes Orange Chardonnay ($22 for 375 ml, $15 by the glass) was released just last week. Full-on grape-skin contact during fermentation and no added yeast or sulfites results in a beautifully cloudy, super-dry wine with notes of apricot, orange zest, black tea and honey. Brooklyn Winery, 213 N. Eighth St. (between Driggs Ave. and Roebling St.), Brooklyn; 347-763-1506 or

The copper-colored 2010 Brooklyn Oenology Orange Pinot Gris ($25 for 750 ml, $11 by the glass) somehow smacks of both tannin and orange lollipops. Winemaker Alie Shaper bought a single ton of grapes from the Finger Lakes and produced a limited production run of only 63 cases. So don't dillydally getting this one into your glass. Brooklyn Oenology, 209 Wythe Ave. (at N. Third St.), Brooklyn; 718-599-1259 or