The Best Garlic Powder - Salento Farm

Sprinkle on Salento Farm's garlic powder

Forget the stale garlic powders of spice cabinets past.

This season, head to the Greenmarket for a taste of grown-up garlic that happens to be dried.

Pat Salvati and Dorothy DeMarco, the husband-and-wife team behind Salento Farm, grow almost nothing else but sweet-scented German Red Rocambole hard-neck garlic on their land in Shelton, Connecticut. In addition to selling the garlic fresh, Salvati and DeMarco also slowly dry and grind the cloves themselves to make a pleasantly pungent, filler-free powder that's guaranteed to class up your garlic bread–or grilled meats, salads and pastas, for that matter.

This summer, Salvati and DeMarco have gone mad-scientist wild in the kitchen, concocting a new line of flavored powders: There's a poblano-chile-enhanced option with a gentle warming heat, an intensely aromatic rosemary-infused version and a zingy lemon-laced little number (all bottles $7 each.)

Each bottle, which contains two ounces, should last long past summer's prime. The Salvati-DeMarcos encourage customers to sniff samples at their farm stand, so go on, take a whiff: Your spice cabinet will thank you.

Available at the Union Square, Brooklyn Borough Hall, McCarren Park and Fort Greene Park Greenmarkets on Saturdays; Columbus Ave. Greenmarket on Sundays;